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  1. MB Gordy says:

    Hi David
    so on friday, I have a session from 10-5 at Capitol so…. since was originally at Leo Baek with Linda, I got Jeff to cover that for me… In the meantime, they changed the session to 9-4 instead of 10-5. so While I was originally call for Linda’s gig. I still would not make it to the rehearsal, however I think if I pack up fast and get out of there, I for sure can get to you by 6:15. Worse case scenario is that I could have someone set up a kit there for me so I could just come in a play and not have to worry about set up..

    for sat morning I would just leave the drums there from Friday..

    Does that seem feasible…


  2. Eli Kantor says:

    David, Thank you so much for performing at Stephanie’s wedding. I wanted to pay you immediately after the ceremony, but you had already left. Please contact me to make arrangements for payments.



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