Major Awards and Nominations

David Kates is one of the greatest musician and composers of music known all over ever the world. He is known for composing original music for video games, television, film and other songs too. In addition, he is also a popular teacher of Jazz theory, choral conductor and professional pianist.

As a music director, he has played great role in coordinating, supervising and developing music programs for Stephen S. Wise Temple. He has worked together with the vision of the senior clergy, as an arranger, conductor, composer, pianist and administrator for all other music activities. He has the role to re-vision and develop the state of the art music Innovation Lab, advanced music curriculum that is intended for primary school students.

During his career in all these responsibilities he has gained a lot of awards that have made him even more popular. He has been able to teach students who have also become popular in the music and film industry. This is why his influence in the industry is expected to remain for long. His influence is mostly expected to continue with the songs he has composed for different video games.


Here are some of the awards he has received.

  • In 2010, he was awarded for being an atmospheric composer in Mass Effect 2.
  • In 2010, he also got another award for being the combat composer in Mass Effect 2.
  • Primary artist of Mass Effect in 2007.
  • Alisha Pomerantz-Boro composer in 2007.
  • He was awarded as the best composer in of video songs in 2000.
  • Taubman arranger, composer of Friday Night Craig in 1999.
  • Engineer, mixing, piano, keyboards, and producer in 1999.
  • Lyrics adaptations, engineer, arranger, producer in 1998.
  • Mickey’s Sport songs Disney composer in 1996.
  • Voice of the Spirits Craig Taubman engineer, producer, musician in 1996.
  • Silver arranger, mixing, engineer, composer, piano, producer, engineer, percussion in Walk with Julie in 1995.


Other awards and nomination:

  • At the BAFTA awards he was nominated for the Best Original soundtrack Mass Effect 2.
  • Gamefocus Awards, in these awards David Kates was nominated as the winner of Best Musical Score Mass Effects 2.
  • Spike awards, he was nominated for the Best Original Score for Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2.
  • Navgtr awards, he came out as the winner of the Most Outstanding Musical Score for Mass Effect.
  • Gang awards, in these awards he was nominated for the Best Original Soundtrack Album Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2.
  • Gamespy awards, winner for the Best Original Music: Mass Effect.


Additional honors and awards:

  • Gang awards where he was nominated for the best original soundtrack 2008 mass effect.


With the great influence that he has continued to have in this industry, David Kates is expected to win more awards in the future. Despite the entry of other musicians in the industry his songs continues to have a lot of influence. He still holds that the best project he has worked on includes the tales from Ramayan ImagineAsia. This is an animated program shown I most countries in Europe. In this project, he combines music different influences. There are many more projects that has made him to be nominated in many other awards despite not appearing on the top.…