David Kates is one of the most popular composer, conductor and arranger in the music industry. He composes original music for video games, film, television and in the latest operetta, Miriam that is based on the iconic biblical character. He is also a popular pianist, teacher in jazz theory and harmony, choral conductor and also do lecturing to film students. He lectures the graduate film students in The Art Center College of Design, located in Pasadena, California. At the moment he has finished the originals score together with Joshua R. Mosley to the highly awaited animated feature film titled Mass Effect: Paragon Lost that is produced by FUNimation/EA. This is expected to be one of the best popular feature films in the modern days.


David Kates has had the great pleasure to compose great music for three mass effect productions. One of the most successful projects he has worked on is Mass Effect 2 (Bioware). The other video games that he has worked on include the Battlestations; Pacific and Neopets; Darkest Faeries. He has also managed to do great orchestra arrangements that have gained a lot of popularity all over the world. One of the most popular orchestras’ arrangement is Tron Suite that is based on Wendy Carols provocative Sci-Fi that has been done by many orchestras around the globe as ground breaking for different concerts such as the Los Angeles Philharmonic done at The Hollywood Bowl.

After he graduated with a Documentary Filmmaking Degree from Temple University located in Philadelphia. He studied orchestration and film scoring at the famous UCLA Film Scoring program. He received the first experience in composing with McGraw Hills films where he recorded the educational films. David met with Ron Underwood and scored his kid’s animated film Chuckie. This is an animated film that won the best soundtrack at the Asifa East Festival held in 1986. He helped compose and arrange music for the Disney Story. This is a documentary of the Disney firm and he began scoring education films on their behalf. He is the one who scored the Disney animated television series titles sing me a story with belle, the ugly duckling, Ferdinand the bull, little red riding hood, the three pigs and the brave engineer. One great thing to note about him is that any film that he has scored always appears on the top and gains a lot of popularity.

David Kates worked together with Pam Postrel and Micheal Greenfield at universal pictures. He also worked together with Bob Israel at aspect ratio scoring feature film trailers. Some of his original scores include Out of Sight, Casino, Jerry Maguire, Golddiggers, Dragon Heart and many others that have been trending worldwide.

David has also been very active when it comes to music licensing. His involvement in music licensing includes a great music library that is represented by Getty images. His music is used in a lot of programs that air on VH1, MTV, History Channel, Food Network, Spike Network, Discovery Channel, A & E among many others.…