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  1. jeffrey silverman says:

    Hi David. Mollie and I would like to wish you a happy birthday!! May this year be full of brachas for good health, good parnassah, much closeness with your family, and closeness with H’m.

    Much love and mazel tov! Jeffrey and Mollie

    PS…beautiful website!

  2. MB Gordy says:

    Hi David
    so on friday, I have a session from 10-5 at Capitol so…. since was originally at Leo Baek with Linda, I got Jeff to cover that for me… In the meantime, they changed the session to 9-4 instead of 10-5. so While I was originally call for Linda’s gig. I still would not make it to the rehearsal, however I think if I pack up fast and get out of there, I for sure can get to you by 6:15. Worse case scenario is that I could have someone set up a kit there for me so I could just come in a play and not have to worry about set up..

    for sat morning I would just leave the drums there from Friday..

    Does that seem feasible…


  3. Eli Kantor says:

    David, Thank you so much for performing at Stephanie’s wedding. I wanted to pay you immediately after the ceremony, but you had already left. Please contact me to make arrangements for payments.



  4. cathee says:

    So I don’t have your email and can’t find your number but wanted to thank you for the HUC performance. It was so meaningful for all of us. And beautiful. Thank you so so very much
    818 4391914

  5. Steve walfish says:

    Davey!!! Lost your numbers!!! Call me!!
    Stevie Walfish

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