David Kates is a popular composer for television and film who also writes music for video games. He has gained a lot of popularity because of his ability to produce high quality music that makes most of his work he has scored, gain popularity at the global level. Just recently he has been able to orchestrate scores from different video game music live concerts. He began this profession of writing for games when he was hired by Jack Wall to write a number of cinematics for Neopets: Darkest Faerie. Despite that Sony stopped production he has managed to score more than ten cues.

He was also hired by Tommy and Jack to orchestrate and transcribe three movements from the score of the game Tron and classic sci-fi movie. Despite that he has gained the level of popularity he has and scored many video games play, he continues to learn more because of the rapid changes occurring in the game music. It is his ability to adapt to these changes that have made him be able to meet the needs of the people in all his projects. He understands that game music is very different in how it is implemented. As a composer he works very closely with the different designers to ensure that what he is creating and deliver is able to serve the technological needs of the game.

His fascination is to bring the ultimate interactive dramatic experience. He understands that dramatic music is perfect when it is felt, but does not cause any distraction. As more people get into the video games, the subject matter gets broader and musical styles expand. This is what has created opportunities for him to create very exciting entertainment with a global influence. He aims to formulate games and game music that is part of the glowing culture that can be advertised, identified and cashed in on.

According to him, the best project that he has worked on up to the moment is the tales from the Ramayana (ImagineAsia). This is an animated program that is shown in European countries and covers the life and adventures of a mythological Hindu character. In this project, David Kates has combined music with different influences. He has combined music with Indian/asian influences together with symphonic western music. The show is fashioned based on a video game style and this is what has made him to check out the games.

He aims to score on an espionage or adventure game that has different levels of complexities in emotions. This is a game that integrates classic rock and symphonic rock elements. He likes to work on a game that gives him the opportunity to create a dramatic storyline that has killer battle scenes with a lot of fun. He continues to write for his music library that is represented by pump audio in New York. His tracks continue to be marketed over the tube, which has gained a lot of clients. He expects to do more projects that will have influence at the global level.